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Coaxdata 1Gbps-HDTV COAX+PLC 1ETH+1SFP (US)

Ref. 769282

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 Product Description

The CoaxData 1Gbps-HDTV can transmit IP data over coaxial cable installations with coexistence of TV channels or other existing services. The Coaxial Ethernet modem immediately connects multiple PCs on the coaxial network or powerline on your home, hotel or buildings without additional cabling.

 Ref.769202   CoaxData™  1Gbps-HDTV  incorporates   an   Ethernet   1000BASE-/100BASE-TX/ 10BASE-T  and   a   SFP   (According   to   MSA  INF-8074i   specification   of   the   SFF   Committee).  This connector allows you to use Gigabit modules 1000BASE-LX/1000BASE-SX/ 1000BASE-CX or built-in SFP devices that support new protocols like EPON (IEEE 802.3ah) or GPON (ITU G.984) to CoaxData integration in fiber optic networks.

Reference   769282
 Technology   Gigabit (HomePlug AV IEEE1901)
 Data interface  2×RJ45 / 1xRJ45 + 1xSFP / 1xRJ45
 Ethernet ports  Mbps  10/100/1000
 Coaxial interface   2 × F (TV + data)
 Coaxial data interface 
 Bandwidth  MHz 2 - 67,5
 Output level  dBμV  130
 Output impedance  Ω  75
 Max. attenuation  dB  85
 Coaxial TV interface  
 Bandwidth MHz  87 ... 2150
 Insertion loss  dB  2
 Return loss  > 10
 Ouput impedance  Ω  75
 Power supply / Temperature  
 Voltage (50/60 Hz)  Vac  108 -254
 Max. consumption  W  6 (1,8 by low consumption mode)
 Working temperature ºC  -10 a +45
 Number of supported slaves  no. 253 (1012 with 4 masters)
 Maximum length of coaxial network  m  1200



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