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CoaxData Gateway, ref.769301

Wed, 23/12/2015
Coaxdata como maestro en las redes coaxial y datos (router ethernet)

CoaxData Gateway ref.769301 as a Master in the coaxial and data networks
(Ethernet router)


Starting on firmware version the CoaxData Gateway ref.769301 can be configured as a conventional router that acquires connection to the WAN through an Ethernet port (LAN / WAN) instead of the coaxial port (eth0).

To simplify the deploying of this architecture, there is a configuration file (mib_20150930_wan_eth.db) that can be loaded into the device (MANAGEMENT> DEVICE MANAGEMENT> LOAD CONFIGURATION).

After loading the configuration, the device will work as follows:

  • WAN input with a DHCP client, for connection to a main router via LAN / WAN port.
  • LAN outputs with a DHCP server: LAN1, LAN2, Coaxial Port eth0 and WiFi ath0.
  • Works as a master that extends the LAN network through the coaxial network and the data network (UTP / FTP).
  • It has a configuration interface via a VAP called "config" and IP This VAP allows access to the configuration interface regardless of any variation on the internal configuration of the router.
  • This access is also available via LAN1 or LAN2 through the default gateway address (

The diagram bellow shows the internal architecture after loading the configuration:


The module operating as a master must be configured as follows, using the CoaxManager


It is also recommended to disable the MAC learning function:


As both master and slaves have the same default IP address in the router (, the IP address must be changed in the master.

Even when the IP address is changed, there is always the option to access the web configuration interface.


Finally, check that in the "Interface Name" field figures the "Bridge: br-wan" option:

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