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17x12 Multiswitch

Ref. 7372

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Multiswitch with 16 inputs:

  • 14V SAT A (pol. V; low band)
  • 18V SAT A (pol. H; low band)
  • 14V/22KHz SAT A (pol. V; high band)
  • 18V/22KHz SAT A (pol. H; high band)
  • 14V SAT B (pol.V; low band)
  • 18V SAT B (pol H; low band)
  • 14V/22KHz SAT B (pol. V; high band)
  • 18V/22KHz SAT B (pol. H; high band)
  • 12 outputs user

It also has an input for mixing the terrestrial signal that is distributed to all the outputs.

It is possible to select, from any of the 12 outputs, the desired input via DiSEqC switch and the appropriate combination of voltage 14/18V and tone 0/22 KHz.


 Note 1: The amplification is powered through one of its outputs, by any of the horizontal high polarities or the power supply unit.

References 7372
Multiswitch Specs 17 x 12
 Frequency range
SAT MHz 950-2400
TER 47-862
 Input level SAT dBµV 95
TER 89
 Output level SAT 95
TER 89
 Tap losses SAT dB 3
 Isolation between inputs 50
 Isolation between outputs 35
 LNB powering mA 300/input; 1200 (total)
 Powering voltage Vac 230/12
 Maximum consumption mA 50
 Protection index IP 20
 Dimensions (Wid x Hei x Dep) mm 376 x 189 x 42
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Televes Televes