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BIII Terrestrial Antenna (Ch5-12) 10EL. G9dBi Single

Ref. 106601

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A Yagi antenna for TV reception on Band III (174-230 MHz), based on our V antenna for UHF.

Composed of four directors arranged in two vertically stacked grills with angular aperture, a 4 elements reflector and a single dipole with shielded impedance adapter.

The impedance adapter is optimized for the reception in the 174-230 MHz band (channels 5-12), resulting in a  great rejection of adjacent bands (FM and UHF).

Compared to other BIII antennas on the market, the V BIII antenna features an innovative and striking design, optimizing the length of the antenna without losing electrical characteristics. This results in a compact and high performance antenna with a distinctive design.

The antenna is clamped in one end through a robust fixing system that allows slightly modifications of the tilt of the antenna on the vertical axis.

The reflectors are secured by a system of cams manufactured in zamak that simplifies the installation and increases the strength of the whole assembly.

The antenna is supplied in a single packaging (boxed).

Product highlights: 

  • High gain in BIII with good rejection of adjacent bands.
  • Compact.
  • Great performance.
  • Made of aluminum and ABS plastic to ensure high resistance to corrosion.

Main characteristics: 

  • Innovative and compact design.
  • High rejection of adjacent bands (FM and UHF).
  • Great performance.
  • High gain.
  • Innovative design.
  • Fully shielded juncition boxEasy assembly.

Robust fixing system that allows:   

  •     Adjust the antenna tilt on the vertical axis.
  •     Install the antenna in vertical or horizontal polarization.

Reference 106601
 Operating Frequency MHz  174...230 (channels 5 - 12)
 Gain dBi  9
 Front-to-Back ratio dB  >15
 Cross-polarization rejection  >20
 Wind load N  49,9 (@130km/h)
68,6 (@150 km/h)
 Dimensions mm  840 x 305 x 860


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