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Ref. 747321

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The dLNB product range uses dCSS (Digital Channel Stacking System) which is equivalent to having a whole SAT processing headend the size of an LNB.

This technique consists in processing the transponders of a satellite and positioning them in the SAT band according to the installation requirements.

Two operation modes are available:

  • Static mode: up to 32 packets can be generated following a simple SAT distribution. Any TVSAT receiver can capture signals when working in this mode.
  • Dynamic mode: each SAT packet that is generated is assigned a network user, who is able to modify the packet contents at will with a compatible STB. This mode is limited to 24 User bands.

The dLNB configuration is carried out with a Windows-based software stored in the programmer (ref. 723301). The programmer can store up to 5 configurations and allows them to be dumped to the dLNB.

The dLNB complies with standards SCR I and SCR II (dCSS). Both have the same type of application, dCSS being a second generation of the first one. This feature makes dLNB compatible with the STB implementing SCR and with new generation dCSS STB.

Main features:

  • A whole satellite on a single cable
  • Adaptable storable configurations
  • The ref.723301 programmer allows system configuration and diagnosis
  • The dLNB has operation modes that facilitate the dish pointing process
  • A given configuration may include some transponders set as SCR I  and some others set as dCSS, based on the existing STB for that installation.


  • dCSS technology adds value to a SAT distribution
  • Using a single cable reduces the complexity of the installation
  • Configuration is flexible and scalable
  • Compatible with SCR I versions
  • Pre-configured references
Reference    747321
 Input frequency GHz  10,7...12,75
 Output frequency  MHz  950...2150
 OL frequency  MHz  10400
 OL Stability  MHz  ± 1
 User Band channels (UB)  24 dynamic / 32 static
 User Band bandwidth  MHz  Configurable 24...96
 Gain dB  >50
 Output level  dBµV  85 Typ
 Flatness  dB  ± 0,75 @ 46MHz UB
 Polarity discrimination  dB  >21
 Phase noise  ºrms  <1,8
 Power consumption (Full channel load)  mA 260@12,5V dynamic
/ 320@12,5 static
 DiSEqC control  1.0 / 2.0 (EN50494 / EN50607)
 Dimensions (xyz)  mm  125 x 55 x 105
 Weight g 235
 IP protection index IP 66
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Product release: 
Technical manuals: 
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