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F.O. Kit Fusion handheld splicer

Ref. 232130

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Handheld fusion splicer capable of doing a splice in 7 seconds. Easy to carry thanks to its small weight and dimensions. The product also includes a carry case with all the necessary accessories. Its interface is very user friendly and intuitive, all actions can be performed with just 3 buttons.

It automatically detects problems before the splice is done as it measures the angles in which the fibre has been cut (maybe pointing at a fault with the cleaver) and faults with the fibre (usually dust).

It will also make sure the splice has been correctly done by checking the spliced fibre by pulling and measuring the optical losses.

Besides, it will also do the following:

  • Alignment of the fibre for cladding
  • Start the splicing process automatically once the cover is closed
  • Calibration by insertion of one fibre
  • Automatically clean the electrodes
  • Saving a log with the information of the splice that can be afterwards exported to a different format
  • Up to 60 splices/protection sleeve heating from a single full battery charge and possibility of re-charging battery whilst using the splicer

Included accessories with the splicer:

  • Fibre cleaver (cutter for 16.000 cuts)
  • Fibre stripper (pre-adjusted to 250 and 900µm)
  • Set of bolsters for fibers of 250µm (black) and 900µm (blue)
  • AC/DC adapter
  • Transport case
Reference / Art. Nr.  232130 / OHSG
 Average loss per splice dB 0,03 @ Single Mode fibre
0,01 @ Multi Mode fibre
 Average time per splice s 7
 Average time for the heat-shrink sleeve heating s 60 @ cannula: 45mm
90 @ cannula: 60mm
 Fusion programmes 2 pre-configurated programmes (SM and MM)
 Fibre alignment By cladding:
Axial (automatic)
Radial (fixed, over V-Groove)
 Screen 2,8” colour LCD, 320x240p
 Lens magnification 140x
 Languages Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Czech, Turkish
 Mini USB Updates
 External SD (not included) Save and export fusion data
 Mains voltage Vac 100 - 240
 Mains frequency Hz 50 / 60
 Battery Li-ION (7,4V y 3000mAh)
 Operating range
 Operating temperature ºC 0 ... 45
 Storage temperature ºC -20 ... 60
 Relative humidity % < 95%
Additional Infomation
Product release: 
Technical manuals: 
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