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HD DTT STB TV on demand access ZAS Hbb

Ref. 511501

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zAs hbbtv
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Hybrid receiver DTT (SD and HDTV) with internet connection through the standard HbbTV, a connection that allows the user to access all the entertainment services offered by the operator, including video on demand (VOD), interactive advertisement, social networks, etc.
European technology made in Europe. The most advanced process in automated manufacturing is used by Televes in order to guarantee the quality and reliability of the receiver.

Technical features:

  •  Standard DVB-T.
  •  Video compatible with MPEG2 and MPEG4/H.264
  •  Compatible with HbbTV
  •  PVR functionality via USB 2.0. External hard drive required or “Pen Drive” with FAT32, NFTS or ext3 (linux).
  •  Multimedia player: video, audio and pictures.
  •  5 lists of favorites channels (A, B, C, D, E).
  •  Compatible with LCN.
  •  Electronic programing guide (EPG).
  •  Supports Teletext VBI, Teletext OSD, standard subtitles and teletext.
  •  Saves and recovers the last viewed channel.
  •  Software update through a USB or IP.
  •  Universal remote control (allows to control the TV).
  •  Low consumption.

Reference  511501
 Input tuner  
 Input frequency  MHz 174...862
 Input level dBμV 45...90
 Video TV-system  
 Demodulation  DVB-T
 Video resolution   576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
 Image format   4:3 (Letter Box, Pan&Scan) /
16:9 (Zoom, Pan & Scan)
 Video decoding   MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264
 Audio TV-system  
 Audio decoding  MPEG/MusiCam Layer I & II, AC3,
AAC, AAC+, Dolby digital, Dolby
digital +, mp3
 Input/Output terrestrial 2 x CEI
 SCART  RGB Output, CVBS, Analogue audio
 HDMI Audio Output/Digital Vídeo
 SPDIF audio digital optical Output
 USB   1 x 2,0 (S/W update)
 Power supply  
 Network Voltage Vac 196...264
Frequency Hz  50-60
 Max consumption Working  W < 4.5
Standby  < 0,6
 RAM memory MB 2x 250 DDR2
 Flash memory MB 500
 Working temp.  ºC -5...45
 Dimensions (wid x hei x dep)  mm 180 x 29 x 130
 Weight Kg  0,3



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Televes Televes