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Multicoax 5 PVC black 100m

Ref. 211011

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Range of multicoaxials composed of cables of different colours in order to ease the connection in satellite instalations.

  • Multicoax with black PVC cover and cables 17VAtC.A in PVC of colours.
  • Screening efficiency of the cables according to EN50117 standard (>85 dB in band 30...1000MHz).
  • Braid covering of 77% (Class A).
  • They include ripcord, protective film and filling tubes to avoid deformation. 
  • Three models to cover the most common installations:
    • 4 cables: 1 satellite (4 polarities/band: red, green, black and yellow)
    • 5 cables: 1 satellite + terrestrial (white)
    • 9 cables: 2 satellites + terestrial (second satellite: 4 polarities/band: brown, orange, grey and violet)
Reference 211011
 Screening efficiency class   Class A
 Inner conductor Ø mm 1,13
material - CCS (Copper Clad Steel)
resistance Ω/Km  <85
 Dielectric Ø mm 4,8
material - Foam Polyethylene (PEE)
 Inner film composition Aluminium + Polyester
 Braid resistance Ω/Km   <30
structure  Nc x Ns x Ø  16x 8 x 0,13
material  - Aluminium
Outer sheath Ø mm  6,7
material - PVC
Minimun bending radio mm 33,5
Screening efficiency dB >85 (30...1000MHz)
>75 (1...2GHz)
>65 (2...3GHz)
Capacitance pF/m 54
Impedance Ω 75
Loop resistance Ω/m <0,115
Minimum propagation speed % 82
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Product release: 
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