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The coaxial backbones of  the operator networks are being replaced with optical fibre lines. The optical network ends where the subscriber's coaxial network is serviced. These networks that use both transmission media are known as HFC networks (Hybrid Fibre Coaxial).

An element is required to work as an interface between the optical backbone and the coaxial network where both media meet; this device is the Optical Node.

This device transforms the downstream optical signal into a radio-frequency signal; furthermore, it transforms the radio-frequency  signal produced by the cable-modem and/or the  user's STB (return channel) into an upstream optical signal.

Occasionally, when communication is exclusively downstream, an optical receiver is installed instead of the optical node to transform optical signals into radio-frequency signals.

Optical nodes and receivers from Televés include OLC (Optical Level Control), a system capable of preserving the radio-frequency signal regardless of the optical input


  • Equipped with OLC (Optical Level Control), which automatically regulates its parameters to provide a constant output level regardless of  the channel load
  • Configurable return channel with attenuator and equalizer
  • Forward channel with independent attenuation and equalization adjustment between stages
  • High output voltage, low power consumption

Main features:

  • Perfect for RF Overlay, FTTB and FTTC applications
  • Parameter values are adjusted using plug-in jumpers at the front of the equipment (equalization, attenuation, etc.)
  • Test socket
  • Full bandwidth optical reception
  • Aluminium-manufactured, the chassis ensures durability in outdoor installations
References 231020
 Forward Path
 Bandwidth MHz 87 ... 1006
 Optical Input Level for the OLC dBm -8 ... +1
 Flatness dB ± 0.75
 Outputs (selectable) 1
 Output signal level with OLC enabled, Output 1 dBµV 113
 CNR/CSO/CTB dB >52/>60/>60
 Input attenuator dB 4/6
 Inter stage attenuator dB 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8
 Output level slope dB 4/9
 Wavelength nm 1200 - 1600
 Return Path
 Bandwidth (selectable) MHz 5 - 65
 Optical output level dBm 3
 Flatness dB ± 1
 RF input level dBµV 70 ... 100
 Wavelength nm 1610
 Local mains voltage V~ 99 - 253
 Max. consumption with local/remote powering W 16.5
 Current max. consumption (local powering) mA 300
 Dimensions mm 232 x 90 x 140
 Weight g 1825
 Index Protection IP 61


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Product release: 
Technical manuals: 
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