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H30 Meter DVB-C (QAM and analogue measures)

Thu, 30/04/2015
H30 Field meters Ref.593102, Ref.593104 V1.28

This device is automatically updated when connecting using its Ethernet port.


  • Connect the device to the internet.
  • Enter the menu "Home/Setup/Update Firmware" and select ON.
  • The device will automatically connect to the server and start with the update.


  • New  available versions message: When the device is connected to the network it automatically checks if it is a new update version. A message will be shown on the HOME tab.
  • If a new version is available to download, it will be shown at the About tab with a new button to update the device from.
  • Ingress and TILT datalog implemented.
  • Added new info on datalogs: spectrum, equalizer, ingress and TILT.
  • New configuration format compatible within versions, to avoid rebooting the device when updating it.
  • Digital coupling improvements.
  • Spectrum improvements.
  • Warning  message in case of an incorrect feeding.
  • Bluetooth support.
  • MDOCSIS: Not disabling the whole BPI function when doing a MAC clonation, only BPI+.
  • API: Transport packets statistics.
  • API: Digital parameters information

    New features (version 1.28):

  • DOCSIS modem & Network improvements
  • DOCSIS Datalog improvements
  • Improvement in the internal measurements
  • New color code for the DOCSIS checks
  • SCTE-65 support
  • VCN one-part support
  • KBW new channel plan (European version).
  • New configuration tool to set the audio carrier (USA)
  • Channel sorting  by frequency function when created/edited from the website
  • Added new spectrum frequencies for the Excel datalogs
  • Go to the first entry when clicking SETUP or HOME
  • Improved measurements for the System Scan function
Televes Televes