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Wed, 03/10/2012
Multiswitching system easyswitch

Multiswitching configurable system based on a unique reference of multiswitch, which can be used to distribute satellite TV signal in small and big shared facilities.

Tap losses for a particular easyswitch unit are setup by means of DIP switches (Dual In-line Package).

The amplifier of this easyswitch system features automatic output level adjustment as well as an energy saving system.



  • A unique reference of multiswitch, configurable for different attenuations.
  • EasyF chassis with an improved shielding flange and easy to handle.
  • Flexibility for powering the unit: Either from the receiver or from an external PSU.
  • MATV mixing.
  • Switching capacity for 4 polarities, and output to 4 users per multiswitch.
  • SAT + MATV amplifier with automatic level adjustment.
  • System compatible with other ranges of multiswitches, since it features DC pass at all SAT inputs.
  • For distribution network topologies in cascade or star.
  • Up to 10 cascaded multiswitches.
  • Passive return channel 5 - 65 MHz, making it compatible with data and operator networks.
  • Energy saving ECO mode: automatic detection of users that disables power to the LNB and the active stages of satellite IF.
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