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The Optical Network Terminal or ONT is the device in charge of delivering the operator services subscribed by the user. The terminal range conforms to installation and implemented services criteria; Televes has up to 4 ONT ranges of products (Basic, Standard, Office and Home).

ONT can be used on FTTx network topologies: Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH), Fiber-to-the-Room (FTTR), Fiber-to-the-Building (FTTB), Fiber-to-the-Business (FTTb), Fiber-to-the-Curb (FTTC), etc.

ITUG.984.x-compliant, multiple-play signals provided at the FibreData headend are available at its connectors; signals such as high-speed Internet (High Speed Internet - HSI), VoIP , WiFi, IPTV and/or RF Overlay, etc. 


  • ONT BASIC: it consists in a bridge-type device that carries out a simple media conversion. It is the perfect solution for environments where there is a LAN network management.
  • ONT OFFICE: it provides GbE ports and a WiFi interface. It is therefore a device that allows to directly service several users. One of the references in this range of products includes 802.11ac.
  • ONT STANDARD: includes RF Overlay reception on top of ONT BASIC features. With this solution, the device delivers the services to a sub-headend (FTTC/ FTTB / FTTR).
  • ONT HOME: it provides TV signal on top of the ONT OFFICE features. One of the references in this range of products includes 802.11ac.


  • Taking the optical fibre to the user allows for the provision of rates and features difficult to achieve by any other means (2.5Gbps downstream / 1.25Gbps upstream total).
  • The network administrator has a series of tools (OMCI, TR-069, etc.) that allow remote management and avoid the need for physical access to the subscriber's equipment.
  • Adapting to user requirements, thanks to both network management (VAP, Hotspot, PPPoE, etc.) on the one hand, and service segmentation (VLAN) on the other.
  • Multiple-play services over fibre: HSI (High Speed Internet), VoIP (voice) and IPTV/VOD (IPTV and RF Overlay).
  • Network equipment belongs to the operator, and allows for service feature management with different ISP.
  • Perfect system for special facilities (hotels, housing developments, etc.).
 References 769506
 Models  ONT
 RF-Overlay -
 WiFi (802.11 b/g/n) (2x2) 2.4  ✔
 WiFi (802.11 b/g/n/ac) (2x2) 2.4/5  ✔
 USB 2
 FXS ports 2
 ETH 10/100/1000BASE-T ports 4
 Firewall  ✔
 VPN pass-through  ✔
 PPPoE terminal  ✔
 OMCI  ✔
 TR-069  ✔
 CLI  ✔
 WebGUI  ✔
 Temperature conditions ºC -5... 65    
ºF  23...149   
 Relative humidity % 0...95   
 Power consumption W  19
 Dimensions (Width x Hight x Depth) mm  210 x 40 x 210  
inch 8.25 x 1.57 x 8.25
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Televes Televes