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HSuite - Software PRO-5990 5992

HSuite software application to manage and update test equipment from the H-Series




HSuite is an easy to use application enabling you to manage the data recorded in your meter from your personal computer. Should the computer be connected to the internet, It will  check for firmware updates.

HSuite enables the downloading to your PC of DATALOGS recorded on your meter.
Once they are downloaded, you can check the measurements carried out at your leisure.
You will also be able to print any DATALOG report you desire, or export the data to Excel®. Both the printed reports and the Excel® files will be customized with your firm’s data if you wish.

The DATALOG lists downloaded from your meter will be treated as a folder, so they may be kept on your computer for consultation or changed later on. That way you can store all the DATALOG lists that you want.
The application generated file extension is .H45

Also, HSuite enables you to download to your PC the GRAPH LOGs that you have saved on your meter. Once they are downloaded, you can review and study the graphs more comfortably.
The GRAPH LOG lists that you download from your meter will be treated as files, so you can save them on your PC for future reference. Thus you may store all the GRAPH LOG lists you wish. The file extension for the GRAPH LOGs generated by the application is .G45.

As well as DATA LOGs and GRAPH LOGs, you will be able to download the channel plans of your meter.
Once they are downloaded, you will be able to view all the channel tables stored in your meter on your computer. These tables indicate the channel name, its intermediate frequency and the feed.
You will also be able to export the channel plans to Excel®.

The list of channel plans downloaded to your analyzer can be edited, allowing you to create up to 5 different customized channel plans in the terrestrial band and another 5 in the satellite band, and afterwards upload the new channel plan to the analyzer.
Moreover the lists of channels plans will be treated as a file enabling in this way to save the lists in PCs to modify, consult or save them later in you meter. The extension of the files of channels plans is C45.

Another feature of this application is the availability of four different profiles for the parameters of measurement quality, which the user will be able to configure as desired. The measurements that you are revising on your PC can be compared with any of these profiles.
Furthermore, you will be able to load these profiles to the meter, or download any profiles stored in the meter to your PC.

As well as letting you manage measurements and graphs, this application enables you to easily update your meter’s channel plans. The only requirement is that your PC be connected to Internet. The application automatically detects the channel plan version that you have on your meter and tells you if a new version is available.

The application consists of a main window from which several of the windows of the DATALOG, GRAPH LOGs and channel plan lists may be opened and managed.
Moreover, once the meter is connected to the computer, the information contained in it will be shown.



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