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Expansión: "Televes consolidates exports to compensate local drop"

Quinta, 20 Junho, 2013

 The main Spanish economic newspaper highlights Televes' commitment to internationalization and technologies such as DTT and Smart infraestructures and home.

"The constant pursuit of excellence is what has forged the brand Televes", interview with Sergio Martín in Digital TV

Quarta, 8 Maio, 2013

The magazine Digital TV has published an in-depth interview with Sergio Martín, Communications Manager of Televes Corporation.

La sfida dei 100 prodotti ('Watt')

Sexta, 20 Abril, 2012

Justo Rodal: Salud y uso de la tecnología inalámbrica

Sexta, 1 Julho, 2011

DVB-C2 for Delivering 3DTV Services

Terça, 7 Junho, 2011

By Justo Rodal, Director of R+D Televes

DAT HD 75 BOSS, ‚Äúintelligente‚ÄĚ in tutti sensi

Segunda, 10 Janeiro, 2011

Eurosat Italia

"Flip chips are our future"

Quinta, 2 Dezembro, 2010

Spain’s Televes integrates die placement and classic SMT placement.

Televes Middle East FZE: Quality, reliability

Segunda, 2 Novembro, 2009

Televés crea unha web para adaptármonos ao apagamento analóxico

Quinta, 9 Julho, 2009

Televes' flying saucer

Segunda, 15 Junho, 2009

Televes presents the DAT HD, the first 'intelligent antenna' for the DTT and the future High Definition Television

Terça, 26 Maio, 2009

DAT's an HD antenna

Quinta, 21 Maio, 2009
Televes Televes