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CD Coaxdata 1Gbps v4.20

Вто, 23/02/2016
CD Coaxdata Gigabit with Guides, Application Notes, and Management Software. Version 4.20

This CD includes documentation and software applications for CoaxData Hybrid Adapter Gigabit Ethernet 1Gbps-HDTV.

References supported

  • Ref.769201 CoaxData ™ 1Gbps-HDTV
  • Ref.769202 CoaxData ™ 1Gbps SFP-HDTV with
  • Ref.769203 CoaxData ™ 1Gbps-HDTV 1XEth
  • Ref.769301 CoaxData™ Gateway


  • Ref.769201/769202/769203 User Manual (PDF)
  • Ref.769301 User Manual (PDF)
  • Short Tecnhical Sheet (PDF)
  • Quick Installation Guide (PDF)
  • CoaxManager - User Manual (PDF)
  • Application Notes (PDF)

Software and Applications

CoaxManager ™: This application allows you to configure, update and verification of networks created with modems CoaxData HDTV. Additionally to set QoS parameters based on 802.1Q VLAN or IP ToS for VoIP services, IPTV.

  • Check coax or PLC installation obtaining links status and traffic rates between devices.
  • Create PDF reports of network status for later analysis.
  • Allows basic device configuration setting MxU/HomeNetworking operating modes.
  • Set Network password for create several system networks. You can install up to four masters (each with a different key) on the same coaxial network.
  • Allows configuration of QoS parameters supporting four priority levels based on IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tags or IPv4 ToS (Type of Service).
  • Supports Advanced Features to configure IGMP, number of users or Low Power Mode.


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